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Defective Manufacturing of Products

If you or someone you love has been injured by a product that was poorly made, you should speak with our Atlanta Defective manufacturing lawyer to find out if you have a case. A normally safe product can become dangerous if it leaves the factory after something went wrong while it was being made. The error might arise from a breakdown or malfunction in the manufacturer’s equipment. Or perhaps defective raw materials or sub-components were included in the product, and the mistake was not caught before the product shipped. The defect might even be caused by a worker’s inattention to detail during assembly, so that the product’s components weren’t put together as designed.

The key characteristic of a manufacturing defect products liability claim is that the defect in the product would “vanish” if the product had been properly assembled according to its design and with correct, high-quality components.

Our Atlanta Defective Manufacturing Attorney Recognizes Negligently Made Products

Examples of defectively manufactured products could include:

  • An automobile with steering components improperly installed at the factory, causing the steering to fail.
  • A home coffee maker with damaged wiring that leads to a fire or electrocution.
  • Medicine contaminated with harmful or even toxic chemicals.
  • A ladder with an improperly attached step that falls off during use.
  • An electric hand saw with a cracked tooth in its saw blade, causing pieces to fly out.

Given the huge variety of products on the market today, some simple and some intricately complex, these examples only scratch the surface of the countless ways in which products can be defectively manufactured.  In each situation there are specific issues which have to be examined to determine whether a viable law suit for damages exists.

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