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Our Georgia school bus accident lawyer can provide you the legal representation you need to get the compensation you deserve if your child was seriously injured.

A school bus accident can severely injure innocent children and leave them facing a long period of recovery. Parents must deal with specific legal challenges if they hope to recover compensation to pay for all medical bills and for their child to be fairly compensated for the pain and suffering he or she has experienced. These are traumatic incidents. Children often observe other classmates being injured, with a terrible emotional impact.

Can I Sue a School for Negligence if a School Bus Accident Injured My Child?

Under Georgia law, the governmental entity which must be sued is normally the school district. Because of the doctrine of sovereign immunity a school district has immunity against such lawsuits unless the school district has, pursuant to Georgia law which permits, but does not require it, purchased motor vehicle insurance that provides coverage for the ownership, operation, maintenance and use of a motor vehicle such as a school bus. The limit for any recovery is the policy limit of the policy purchased by the individual school district.

An independent, private company may own and operate a school bus. Sometimes this occurs for private schools. On occasion some school districts may contract for transportation by private companies. Georgia law requires all privately owned motor vehicles to be covered by motor vehicle insurance. In such instances a privately owned transportation company could be potentially liable for the negligent hiring, entrustment, or training of a bus driver employee, as well as the negligent operation of a school bus by an employee.

If a private passenger vehicle or commercial vehicle was at fault for a school bus accident, damages can be pursued directly against the individual driver and any employer of that driver. In some instances involving commercial vehicles the insurance company may be subject to a direct action but in most instances the lawsuit will have to be pursued against the driver and any employer. Normally the driver and his or her employer are covered by the vehicle’s insurance.

Questions regarding whether there is a viable claim against a school district can be complex and should be investigated promptly before evidence deteriorates or is lost through the passage of time.

Child Pedestrian Accidents: School Bus Laws in Georgia

All Georgia drivers are required to come to a stop when a school bus has stopped – in both directions of traffic. This includes two-lane and four-lane streets. Unfortunately, some drivers don’t follow the rules of the road, and needlessly endanger children.

There is nothing more tragic than a seriously injured child, or the death of a treasured child that could have easily been avoided if a driver had merely followed the law. If a driver strikes a child  outside the bus when the child is boarding or exiting the bus there can be a direct action against any such driver.

School Bus Accident Lawsuits in Georgia

Was your child injured in a school bus accident, either as a pedestrian, or while riding the bus? The facts surrounding what happened are unique to the situation, and the first action to take is to contact our firm so we can determine how to move forward to seek compensatory damages.

A Georgia School Bus Accident Lawyer with Experience You Need

Our legal team has over 40 years of experience in personal injury law, and can quickly advise you of your rights and the options open to you, based on what happened, how it happened, and who was responsible. We serve injury victims in Atlanta and surrounding areas of Georgia.

Call our Georgia school bus accident attorney today so we can help you pursue justice for your child.


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