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Children can suffer injuries in motor vehicle accidents in any number of ways and having an experienced Atlanta child car accident injury lawyer on your side can mean you obtain the justice you deserve if your children were seriously injured. They can be injured in a crash caused by a careless driver – including the driver of the car, bus or other vehicle they are driving in. They can also be struck by a motor vehicle while walking, biking or playing along a street.

The child injury lawyers of The Poe Law Firm, understand the difficulties that child victims of motor vehicle accidents and their families face. Our Atlanta child car accident injury attorney can help you to understand your child’s rights, as well as your rights as a parent, and the legal options available to you to ensure that your child receives prompt treatment and just compensation for his or her injuries.

If your child has been harmed in a motor vehicle collision, contact us today to learn how we can help you. We serve clients throughout Atlanta and Georgia. We do not charge for initial consultations about your case.

Who Is Responsible for Your Child’s Car Accident Injuries?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, in 2011, 650 children under age 12 were killed in car accidents and 148,000 were injured. These are alarming numbers, and many of these accidents could have been prevented.

When you meet with trial lawyers Jim Poe and Matt Poe, they will look into the circumstances surrounding the motor vehicle collision in which your child was injured and determine the parties who may potentially be liable for the medical expenses, pain and suffering and any other harm you or your child may have suffered.

We will examine the evidence to determine if your child’s injury was caused by factors such as:

  • A negligent driver –   If your child was riding in your car when it was hit by another driver who was speeding, intoxicated, texting or talking on a cell phone behind the wheel, or was otherwise negligent in causing the collision, you can seek compensation from that driver.

You can also pursue compensation if your child was a passenger in the car driven by the at-fault driver. The driver could be the parent of another child, teacher, coach, camp counselor or school bus driver. In some cases, the camp, school or school district that employed the driver may be held accountable. Although when you pursue compensation after an auto accident, you are seeking funds through the at-fault driver’s auto insurance, when the driver at-fault is a friend or a neighbor, things have the potential to get personal if not handled appropriately.

At The Poe Law Firm, we understand that you shouldn’t be forced to choose between your child’s well being and your interpersonal relationships. We will work with you to understand your unique situation, and we will pursue any necessary and appropriate claims in the most tactful, diplomatic manner possible.

  • A negligent supervisor – A child may be hit by a car because an adult who should have been looking after the child such as a daycare provider, babysitter or teacher allowed the child to go on or near a street.
  • Defective automotive part – In some cases, a child is injured in a motor vehicle accident due to faulty auto parts such as tires or brakes or because a safety device such as an airbag, child seat or seat belt malfunctioned. The manufacturer may be held liable.
  • Defective roads – Many car accidents that injure children are caused by poorly designed or maintained roads.  

Our Atlanta Attorneys Seek Compensation for Child Auto Accident Victims

Our car accident litigation team will seek compensation for your child’s injuries from all available sources, including the at-fault driver’s liability insurance or, where appropriate, even your own insurance policy.

Our goal will be to obtain a full, fair and timely settlement of you and your child’s claims. However, if needed, we will be ready to go to court to fight for compensation.

We will make sure that you understand all of the various settlement options available to you as well, whether a lump-sum or a structured settlement, so that you can be rest assured that any settlement you agree to will ensure your child’s future needs are met, including any future medical care or treatment the child may require.

It is important to work with a firm that has experience with Georgia’s child passenger safety laws and with arranging such settlements, and even more important, that you personally understand the terms that you are agreeing to.

Contact Our Atlanta Child Car Accident Lawyer about Your Child’s Injury

If your child has been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident that was someone else’s fault, the lawyers of The Poe Law Firm, are ready to go to work for you. We will use every tool at our disposal to ensure that you receive just compensation for the losses suffered by you and your child and that your rights are fully protected.

Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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