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Official Immunity Of Teachers and Principals in School Injury Claims

In Georgia, the doctrine of official immunity almost always protects public school teachers, coaches and principals from personal liability for their actions. As a result there are only a very limited set of circumstances where public school employees and administrators can be successfully sued for an injury to a child at school. Under the doctrine of official immunity teachers, principals...

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Slip and Fall Injuries Due to Static Dangerous Conditions

The general principle guiding recovery in slip and fall cases is that an injured party can recover  when  it can be established that the owner/operator of the premises had superior knowledge of the hazard which led to the injury, and...

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Why the Hoverboard Isn’t the Best 2015 Holiday Toy

Gift-giving and holiday shopping is already in full swing, and, as a parent, you want to find the best gifts for your children to enjoy during the holidays. But what may appeal the most to children may also be hiding...

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Could New Technology Save Kids Left Behind In Hot Cars?

Hot Car Death Statistics The leading cause of non-collision-related deaths among children under the age of 15 is heatstroke in vehicles, notes the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. About 87 percent of these fatalities involve children ages three and...

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Fireworks Safety for You and Your Children

The Fourth of July is a time when we celebrate our nation’s independence by lighting fireworks at home, or attending professional fireworks displays. To many people, this national holiday just wouldn’t be the same without the loud boom of fireworks...

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Is Co-Sleeping Right for You and Your Baby? A Look at Both Sides of the Debate

Co-sleeping – the practice of parents bringing their baby into bed for the night – is a hotly debated topic. One side of the debate views co-sleeping as a risky practice, increasing the risk of child death through suffocation or...

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